As much as it's great to visit another country and see great exhibitions, the best type of holidays is the one you spend with family. And Amal is the one who always reminds me that when we go on holiday, we should relax more, just enjoy spending time with each other and not go from one place to the other. Very wise kids at such a young age :)


This was a simple but fantastic gift from our trip to the Art Garden exhibition at the Singapore Art Museum: a do-it-yourself kaleidoscope! I didn't think making a kaleidoscope would be this easy, but it is, and it got me thinking of making them with the kids from Desa YUM Cipanas; that would be so much fun! I just have to figure out where to find those mirrors :)

Step 1: color in the drawings

Step 2: double tape the mirrors

Step 3: fold the kaleidoscope

Step 4: et voila!


I know the school holidays are coming to an end, but for some schools in Jakarta, the kids will once again be on a long break during the Idul Fitri holidays. So here's an idea of where you can bring your kids: the Art Garden exhibition at Singapore Art Museum. It's still open until 1 September 2013 so you still have almost 2 months to go and check it out. If you want your kids to experience art, and unfortunately it's not that easy here in Jakarta, take a short plane ride here cause it's worth it :)

Walter the bunny - probably the best part of the exhibition if you ask me :)

Hansel & Gretel malay style in the "Enchanted Garden City"

Doing activities in "Around the Day in Eighty Worlds" - felt like being in Alice in Wonderland

LANDscape in the box - boxes filled with familiar landscapes of Singapore