** doesn't this rainbow popsicle make you think of holidays? **

I might be late for some, because actually my son has been on holiday for the past 2,5 weeks now but the holidays aren't over yet and it might still be worth it to share some of the things I've heard were going on:

They have a whole set of programs for kids from 2 to 17 years old, from 5 day camps, to full on english language camps or drama camps, to afternoon sessions such as soccer, robotics, swimming, tennis, etc. 
Amal did the one week Soccer afternoon classes and was really happy about his lessons.
If you want to check out the information, go to their website.

I've enrolled Amal in the one situated in Gandaria City, It's a really great place for kids who need to let out some steam (active kids!) because everyday they offer around 6 different activities in dance, martial arts and aerobics. Amal of course is all into martial arts. It's not that expensive when you think that your child can actually come everyday for 3 sessions if he/she would like. 
Joining fee + Monthly fee is around Rp. 600,000. For more info, check out this website.

Yes, doing a little promotion here :) Our organic farm can be visited any time by a minimum of 10 participants. I would recommend this for kids above 13 years old. The program is around 2.5 hours and kids will learn to make compost, how to plant seeds correctly, make organic pesticide, open a "bed" to plant the seedlings and of course, harvest their own vegetables.
A full 2,5 hour program will cost you Rp. 120,000 and you will be bringing home a nice basket of organic vegetables! For more info, call (021) 7698505 or email jakarta@yumindonesia.org. Go to this website to see pictures and a video of the farm.

Daily classes where kids will cook, paint, draw, make arts & crafts and other fun activities. For ages 3 to 14 years old and situated in Pondok Indah area. Their Holiday Program goes on until mid July. Check out their Facebook page for photos and more info, or email: kutakatikartcraft@gmail.com or call 082113131132/08129231376.

Alun Alun at Grand Indonesia and Central Park are organizing activities for kids, making animal wayangs and cooking indonesian food. It will be in beginning of July, in the afternoons and costs around Rp. 120,00 to Rp. 150,000 per session. If you're interested, go to their website

Abrakadoodle focuses on art classes and they have one-week camps during the holidays which costs around Rp. 2,000,000 per week. Amal went there last summer holidays and really had a great time. This year was bad timing but maybe next year :)
To find more information about them, go to this website.

* A special website designed for holiday activities for kids: www.liburananak.com
* Family Guide To Jakarta which has a whole page dedicated to keeping your kids busy!
* Or if you're planning to spend some time in Bali for this summer holiday, you are super lucky because there are tons of summer camps there! Check out the Bali With Kids website.



It's funny when you see your own child and realize just how much he's been influenced by his parents. Amal's musical taste is not the same as your average kid (or at least most of the kids in his class). I know this for a fact because he says he doesn't talk about "his kind of music" with his friends; he says "they don't listen to that kind of music Mom!".
Today as we were having lunch, he suddenly asked me "Do you know who my top 5 best singer/groups are?".
So to keep this memory and share it with him in a couple of years, here were his answers to Amal's Top 5 Singer/Groups:

1. THE BEATLES (of course!) - this is a 3 generation thing, from my dad, to Amal's dad, then down to Amal so this is no surprise
His favorite song: I Am The Walrus

2. PHOENIX - he knows most of the songs from the album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" by heart!
His favorite song: Lisztomania

3. STONE ROSES - this came as a surprise! What the?? Hahahaha... this is definitely his dad's influence cause I never listen to Stone Roses. I have nothing against them, but I just don't have their music on my iPod :)
**Update: apparently, Amal first really liked the song "Ten Story Love Song" but ever since he listened to "Love Spreads", that one's become his favorite.
His favorite song: Love Spreads

4. SEAN LENNON - Beatles influence of course, but we do listen to a lot of Sean Lennon. And, recently because he likes Sean Lennon, he's become obsessed with watching "Monster in Paris" starring none other than... Sean Lennon!
**Update: at first, Sean Lennon was first introduced as John Lennon's son because Amal had already been introduced to The Beatles, but little by little he came to like the whole "Friendly Fires" album.
His favorite song: Dead Meat

5. JONSI - ever since I saw "We Bought A Zoo", I can't stop listening to Jonsi, so it stuck with Amal and now he's the one who asks to listen to it in the car :)
His favorite song: Boy Lilikoi

**All updates based on stories from Amal's dad :)



A new TED talk I've really enjoyed listening to - about pro social spending and how money can buy you happiness :)
As the speaker Michael Norton says: "The specific way that you spend on other people isn't nearly as important as the fact that you spend on other people.” 


I had the most incredible experience last weekend: I helped during the birth of my new niece, Sachi Alkantara.
It's an indescribable feeling to be present during the birth of a baby, and to observe the last hour before the birth (which I can personally tell you is the most excruciating pain I've ever felt) and then when the baby is born, it's as if all the pain was worth it, or even that we don't even remember that pain.... All that matters is that the baby is here! Welcome to this world baby Sachi :)


Yayasan Usaha Mulia, the NGO where I work, is currently looking to create a t-shirt that we could use during events and also to sell. I've been looking around several websites and fell upon Threadless which is an online shop for t-shirts but the shirts are designed by the public so anyone can submit a design. But the great thing about Threadless is that it has a special page for t-shirts designed for causes, such as Unicef, CARE, etc. I think it's an amazing idea and wish YUM could team up with them though I don't see any NGOs outside the United States.
Anyway, I just wanted to share what I just discovered, and if by chance you're a designer, we'd love to have your design for a YUM t-shirt! Email me: vanessa@yumindonesia.org if you're interested :)

Mother is a Daughter is a Mother

This design was under the theme "Empowering women to change their world". You can see more t-shirt submissions at: http://atrium.threadless.com/CARE/


This design was under the theme "Freedom". You can see more t-shirt submissions at: http://atrium.threadless.com/dnafoundation/

Ring Around the Rosy

This design was under the theme "Childhood". You can see more t-shirt submissions at: http://atrium.threadless.com/unicef/