Ok so I'm a really big fan of TED Talks and there's just so many things we can learn from experts around the world. TED talks are 20-minute talks by experts who discuss technology, social issues, design, art, and many more. One of my favorites is the Jamie Oliver TED Prize Wish, where he discusses our generation's eating habits and how we are going in the wrong direction with fast food, sugar, no cooking, etc. You can see his talk here .

This specific talk is Esther Duflo talking about poverty in the world. At the beginning of her talk, she says that 25,000 children die every day because of preventable disease. That's enormous! She continues by saying that in eradicating poverty, it's all guesswork, you never know what exactly is the impact of aid. However, there are a few things that she's discovered that could definitely help reduce child mortality. Check it out!

(photo taken from Esther Duflo's TED presentation - sorry for blurriness)



It's hard to part with anything but especially a beautiful home you've been lovingly decorating and renovating for the past 5 years. Well, I've finally decided to put up photos of my house so another family or individuals can move in on a temporary basis. What does this mean? Yup, I'm putting the house for rent!

What are the main features of this house you ask:
First of all, it's situated in a housing complex with security guards at the gate.
Second of all, the house is right across from the swimming pool and tennis courts.
And, most importantly, because the house is such a nice place to live in with 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 living rooms, 1 play area, 2 storage rooms, a separate maid's quarters and a parking area for 2 cars.

Komplek Bumi Pusaka Cinere - Blok C17
Jl. Bukit Cinere Raya

So, if any of you are interested, just send me an email at: vanecha@yahoo.com and I'll be more than happy to show you the place and negotiate a 6 months or 1 year lease contract.